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Easy to use, hard to beat: airtelligence provis 2.0 master control.

Mã số: P03004

Model: Boge Controls

Nhà sản xuất: BOGE Kompressoren


The new airtelligence provis 2.0 is one of the most innovating controls on the market and at the same time very easy to operate. Up to 16 compressors - rigid or frequency controlled, from BOGE or other manufacturers can easily be connected and they are switched very efficiently by the demand-based global control. Additional accessories such as driers, condensate separators, filters, blowers, valves, etc. can also be easily connected. The 9" TFT-colour display with touch function enables the intuitive operation and displays parameters clearly.

airtelligence provis 2.0 is INTUITIVE.  
- high-quality 9" TFT-colour display with LED backlight and touch function
- carry out settings with a tap of the fingertip 
- intuitive operation

airtelligence provis 2.0 is INTELLIGENT. 
- demand-based control of all connected compressors
- selection of the optimal compressor combination based on the real compressed air extraction 
- optimization of duty cycles/idle times and prevention of energy-intensive overcompression

airtelligence provis 2.0 is VERSATILE. 
- controls up to 16 rigid or frequency controlled compressors 
- in addition up to 24 more accessory components 
- from BOGE or from other manufacturers

airtelligence provis 2.0 is IMPRESSIVE. 
- browser-based visualisation 
- ethernet interface for the integration into the existing server structure 
- trend displays of the pressure profile, the compressor status, the volume flow, the pressure dewpoint etc. directly on your PC-screen 
- optional with additional visualisation possibilities, such as an extensive alarm management, possibility of remote monitoring with analysis and evaluation of data via data export etc.

airtelligence provis 2.0 is UNCOMPLICATED.

Start-up via Modbus-scan 
- Simple start-up via Modbus-Scan for the quick identification of compressors and accessory components
- Time saving by means of integrated database for the compressor’s nominal values

Updates via USB-stick 
- Updates can easily be installed without PC via USB 
- Preconfiguration of profiles for the easy start-up is possible via USB

The new airtelligence provis 2.0 of BOGE is easy to operate but hard to surpass!


Manage your compressed air systems intelligently. With airlogic from BOGE.
BOGE expands the airtelligence provis 2.0 with the airlogic formula editor

The new airlogic software module is an expansion for the BOGE airtelligence provis 2.0 master control system. This particularly flexible formula editor allows you to manage your compressed air system intelligently, cost-effectively and without any additional programming costs.

This intelligent standard solution from BOGE makes it possible to individually link system signals and to set up complex switching operations. With the airlogic there is no need for customer-specific programming, which is usually very expensive.

Efficiency gain via individual control system 
Based on the actual current demand, the airtelligence provis 2.0 master control unit from BOGE forecasts whether more or less compressed air will be needed, and then switches on the optimal combination of compressors accordingly. This minimises the switching between load and no-load operation and significantly reduces electricity consumption. The airlogic formula editor, which is included in the software update, allows specific processes to be actuated and monitored. Practically all of the values available within the system can be used.

Put simply, the function is very similar to the "if-then-else" formula in Excel. For example, a formula for switching on the drier could be: "If the compressor starts in full load operation and the drier is ready, then switch on the drier with a delay of ten seconds." The results can also be saved in a cache, so that several formulae can be linked to each other.

The greatest flexibility at a favourable price
The airlogic formula editor, included in the software update, affords its users the highest level of flexibility in the production of compressed air. The alternative PLC control systems require system-specific programming, which is usually very expensive. The airlogic is a standard module that solves this issue simply, intelligently and cost-effectively.

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