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Quality air pays off: BOGE compressed air treatment

Mã số: P02012

Model: Boge Qwik - Pure Series

Nhà sản xuất: BOGE Kompressoren

Why does condensate from oil-lubricated compressors need to be treated?

Unless condensate is treated or removed completely, then serious environmental damage can occur. Only 1 gallon of condensate is required to contaminate 270,000 gallons of water!

Most industrial nations now forbid the drainage of condensate from oil-lubricated compressors into main drains. Laws now require the separation of condensate into oil and water and only allow water to be drained away.

In oil-free compressors, the compressed air does not come into contact with oil. Therefore, it follows that the condensate has no contact with oil. Clearly, any airborne traces of oil drawn in are also found in the condensate; the amount depends on the compressor's location.

BOGE oil/water separator

  • Large overflow for 'lumpy' oils
  • No oil residue in the filter
  • Dual filter monitoring: integral level warning and optical reference - (test procedure to compare samples)


  • Unit to suit all installations, no additional power costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimum use of filters

Optimum separation
In order to maintain uniform quality of condensate treatment, it is necessary to change the pre-filter and main filter cartridge periodically. The sample test will show if the filter needs to be changed.

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